He could say anything, and they still loved him. The pundits and the press tore out their hair, and the conservatives raged, and eventually fell into line (with a few smart holdouts). The decline of Donald Trump’s presidential race was predicted about once every 60 seconds for the last year. We’ve had Inevitable Trump since May, which means it’s time to ask it yet again: Is there any stopping Trump?

Well, about that: The Donald’s polls have seriously faltered in recent weeks, giving new juice to deeply dehydrated NeverTrumpers. National Review points out that Trump recently tweeted out an unscientific poll that still shows Hillary Clinton beating him by two points.

The left and the Trump-hating right smell blood, and they’re gleefully all over his several weeks of sinking poll numbers. Hillary Clinton isn’t exactly soaring–she’s just stalled–while he falls. In a who-does-America-hate-less contest, the winner is going to be the person who fails less hard.

The great mystery–besides what good this will do now that Trump has his delegates–is why it’s happening. It’s odd that after misogynistic commentary, insulting POWs and his countless other typically career-ending statements over the past year, no mildew has grown on Trump’s campaign, until right around when he started calling a judge who was born in Indiana a Mexican.

Why voters suddenly care that much about Trump’s casual racism or about judicial independence doesn’t seem clear. But, hey, let’s go with it. Trump haters have rallied and are now happily sharing polls such as Real Clear Politics’ averages (above), which show Trump falling since May and now at 38.3 percent.

Clinton has had her swings, but lately she’s just coasting. Her unfavorability ratings are at 55 percent, according to a recent Washington Post survey of registered voters. Trump’s unfavorability rating is at 70 percent, on average. Those get a lot worse when it comes to minority voters, who dig Clinton a lot.

Lucy Steigerwald is a contributing editor for Antiwar.com. Twitter: @lucystag.

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