How much is Donald Trump worth? According to, around $4.5 billion. If you ask Trump himself, it’s closer to $10 billion. However, if Internet rumors are to be believed, renowned Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán thinks “The Donald” is only worth $100 million… dead or alive.

Multiple sites are quoting an article from the Spanish-language news site which claims the recently-escaped leader of the Sinaloa Cartel has placed the obscene bounty on Trump’s head in retaliation for negative comments the Republican candidate directed at both Mexican immigrants and Guzmán himself.

The idea of El Chapo threatening Trump’s life is certainly plausible. Earlier in the year, a Twitter account allegedly run by Guzmán’s son threatened to make Trump “swallow [his] bitch words.” But even if El Chapo wanted Trump dead (or alive), would he really pay $100 million? And if someone did manage to kill or capture Trump (and somehow escape), how exactly would they go about collecting the cash, considering El Chapo is in hiding? Is he going to use PayPal? DogeCoin?

After reading the “source” for most of these articles, it’s clear that is not presenting the story as fact, and is instead basing it on an article from, which is soucring a site called, which is sourcing, which is sourcing a vaguely-Hispanic (but possibly Polish) woman selling flowers outside a Dunkin’ Donuts in Omaha. For the record, I’m not linking to those sites because I think one of them gave my computer gonorrhea.

While the idea of El Chapo putting a $100 million bounty on Trump’s head might make for some good click bait, it’s safe to say Trump is probably not in immediate danger… unless he steals Meat Loaf’s paint sponges.