The Donald Trump Dick Joke-a-Palooza is alive and well in Chicago, where Trump is scheduled to speak this weekend. The Wiener’s Circle in Lincoln Park is best known for hurling insults at its customers. Now, the infamous restaurant is reserving its insults for Trump, offering tiny three-inch hot dogs dubbed “Trump Footlongs.”

Via redeye:

The Trump Art of the Meal menu includes three items, Kelly said: the Trump footlong ($2.69), which comes fully dressed Chicago-style; the Trump Package ($8.30), including two mini-dogs with fries and a drink; and the Super PAC ($12.56) with four mini-dogs, fries and a drink.

“Americans are hungry for a good old fashioned Trump footlong,” said Wiener’s Circle creative director Brendan Kelly, who also sarcastically claimed a small wall will be built inside the stand in honor of Trump. “I believe that the tagline for the wall is, ‘We’re going to build a wall to keep E. coli out and make Chipotle pay for it.’”

Source: RedEye Chicago , H/T: Time Out Chicago