While Donald Trump hypes the notion that anything his name touches becomes successful, it’s more likely these days that it becomes controversial—or at least some kind of culture clash. The latest, however, is pretty easy on the eyes. It’s called #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet, and it recently dominated Twitter.

The hashtag started off with attractive 20-something women on the prowl to seduce your political heart, passionately conservative but not exactly dressed for church. There were plenty of pouty lips, polished white smiles and coy stares, and the whole thing was largely driven by the account @BabesForTrump. Then the left-leaning crew got in on the hashtag, rallying against it predominantly with gifs. It became the most beautiful red, white, and blue tornado of social media politics.

Maybe you’ve already spiraled down the glorious rabbit hole, and it could’ve been for any of the following reasons: you love Trump, you love bikini-clad babes or you love to hate Trump. Let’s take a look at a small sampling of the mania, featuring both pro-Trump and anti-Trump crowds.