On the day that Britain voted to peace out of the European Union, Donald Trump was hanging out in Scotland to officially reopen a golf course that belongs to his hotel empire. As Trump was about to speak a comedian named Lee Nelson–disguised as best he could as an employee of the resort–attempted to pass out some golf balls that he said Trump had ordered. The golf balls were stamped with swastikas, the assumed message being “Trump is a big Nazi.”

Another view:

Nelson has previously performed awkward pranks, such as throwing $600 dollars at FIFA head Sepp Blatter (the message there being that Blatter is corrupt as fuck). The Nazi golf ball one is particularly odd because it doesn’t quite have the comedy needed to get it across, nor the political daring of people who have done things like wing shoes at George W. Bush, or throw fake blood on the NYPD police commissioner. That’s a little more dangerous to your health and safety, though doing anything unexpected around someone protected by Secret Service is not a good life choice.

Nelson was dragged off by security. The Nazi golf balls that escaped his grasp were left on the ground in front of his podium as Trump went on with his speech.

Lucy Steigerwald is a contributing editor for Antiwar.com. Twitter: @lucystag.

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