Plague, Inc. is a super popular mobile and PC game in which players create the perfect virus with the goal of wiping out all life on Earth. And according to the game’s creator, one of the most popular names for player-created plagues right now is “Trump.”

In Plague, Inc. players slowly earn the ability to evolve their viruses to make them more contagious. Meanwhile, humans put up all efforts to wipe out the contagion, so your job is to try to circumvent their efforts by making changes to your virus’s DNA, like making it airborne or resistant to certain treatments.

It’s a bleak but fun game, and the first thing you do is name your contagion. Apparently, a lot of people see parallels to a world-ending virus and the front-runner for the Republican US presidential nomination.

And sometimes, things work out brilliantly, as in this image submitted by Twitter user @Jack_Frodo:

Someone should compare the accuracy of the Trump Plague simulation and the player-made “Donald Trump’s America” mod for Civilization V.