The internet is having a heyday with President Donald Trump’s latest foible. Don’t worry, he hasn’t banned friendship and gummy bears (at least not yet)—but he has proven that his team comprises incompetent lackeys who need to take a trip back to elementary school.

Apparently, Trump Tower is currently selling a plain white t-shirt printed with a very confusing message. Before we get into what’s wrong with it, let’s take a look at the tee in question.

Anything seem a little off to you? When read from top to bottom, which is how Americans have been taught to read, the t-shirt, in America’s signature red, white and blue, reads Shut the fake up media.

To anyone with a general grasp of the English language, that don’t make sense much. (Get it?) The image that started it all, tweeted by Politico’s Edward-Isaac Dovere, quickly spiraled into an online roast by political pundits sharing their mutual distaste for their president. The reactions are as entertaining as they are plentiful.

Obviously, Trump’s team was trying to be clever here, drawing from his incessant whining and accusations of “fake news.“ But they failed miserably with a shitty pun in place of an expletive term. Unfortunately for those looking to snag this future collector’s item, you’re going to have to physically visit Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, if they haven’t already been pulled from the floor.

But that’s not all in the world of Trump merch, folks! Not even a day after this sad excuse of a shirt became a platform for political comedy on social media, yet another Trump-inspired getup has pissed even more people off. This time, it’s an ill-conceived costume that screams, “Mexico will pay!”

The costume, available on Amazon, is essentially a morph-suit that’s been given a brick pattern to symbolize the $21.6 billion wall Trump wants to build. Expectedly, activists are working on having the costume removed.

Seeing that it’s nowhere near Halloween, this seems like an odd time to release something like this. Maybe this isn’t even item for Halloween, but instead an obnoxious uniform intended for Trump rallies—kind of like those “Trump that bitch!” shirts that have been spotted, in reference to Hillary Clinton. Though these offensive garments don’t come from Trump’s camp directly, they all seem to share a common theme: ignorance—a trait that no world leader should possess, but ours seems to have in spades.