President Trump sure does love his Twitter. As you likely know, the President spends a good amount of time launching 140-character shouts to his 27 million followers.

For him, though it’s apparently a one-way conversation. He rarely - if ever - responds to people and now it appears he really, really doesn’t like being trolled. On Thursday, U.S. customs agents filed a legal order to get Twitter to reveal whoever is behind the handle @ALT_USCIS, an account that has been criticizing The Donald over his immigration policies.

The news world went nuts with the news that Twitter was being sued to turn over seemingly private information and doxx those behind the account. Commenters cited obvious first ammendment and privacy issues with the request.

Now, the subpoena has been withdrawn in a “I didn’t want that information anyway, nyah” sort of manner. On Friday, the Trump administration told Twitter that it would withdraw its demands. The government “contacted counsel for Twitter, to advise that U.S. Customs and Border Protection has withdrawn the summons and that the summons no longer has any force or effect,” according to Twitter.

It all sounds a bit like a teacher shouting, “Who said that?!” to a raucous classroom. Or, even worse, as in this case it was the government clearly violating out rights to freedom of expression, be it on paper or Twitter.

The @ALT_USCIS account announced that they’d be taking a break after the ruckus, saying, “The past few days have been extremely difficult and full of anxiety. Thank you again America!”