Peter Neffenger, the new head of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), has vowed to improved his agency’s success rate in regard to detecting weapons. Considering the current failure rate is 96 percent, improvement shouldn’t be that difficult.

Neffenger called the TSA’s abysmal performance during recent undercover tests a “huge concern” while testifying before the House Homeland Security Committee earlier this week.

“It greatly disturbs me to know that we had that failure rate at the checkpoint,” Neffenger said, adding that the TSA was attempting to “train out those failures.”

Luckily, Neffenger thinks this “train out” will be completed by the end of September, which sounds a lot like bull. But if he actually manages to turn Paul Blart into John McClane over the next two months, more power to him.

Once the training is completed, Neffenger hopes to turn his attention towards “larger systemic issues” that have plagued his agency and also hopes to increase the use of biometric screening and explosive-detection dogs.

In the meantime, I’m just going to drive.

(Source: NBC News)