Every family does Thanksgiving a little differently. Some like their potatoes mashed, others like them sweet. Some people serve ham, while turkey lovers would call that blasphemous. There seems to be at least one thing everyone leaves off the dinner table on Thanksgiving: Hot dogs.

That’s no longer the case. A specialty hot dog concept in California, known as Dog Haus, has introduced a new item to its menu that takes everything people love about Thanksgiving dinner and puts it all on one bun, which they’ve named “The Plymouth Rockwurst.” Toppings include apple cranberries, sweet potato tater tots and sage gravy. The sausage itself is made of Turducken, a combination of turkey, duck and chicken made famous by former NFL Football announcer John Madden’s admiration for the unusual Thanksgiving treat.

Dog Haus opened its doors four years ago in Pasadena to offer specialty all-beef hot dogs. They also sell unique gourmet sausages, such as a Spicy Thai Red Currywurst and a Cajun Andouille, that won’t be found at a normal hot dog stand. The Plymouth Rockwurst is the creation of the Dog Haus’ Culinary Director Michael Brown, who previously worked as an Executive Chef for Nike, Google and Wolfgang Puck Worldwide, and their Wurstmacher Adam Gertler, who competed on The Next Food Network Star.

While Turducken alone offers a distinct taste than traditional Thanksgiving turkey, the Plymouth Rockwurst doesn’t have an unusual taste that would turn off hot dog lovers, which is just about every red-blooded American. While there’s a little bit of gaminess from the duck, it mostly tastes like a delicious chicken sausage. The weird thing about it is how much eating the Rockwurst actually brings out all the tastes of Thanksgiving dinner. The sweet potatoes and cranberries bring back memories from every Turkey Day festivities. Traditional Thanksgiving gravy tends to be a little thicker than what’s served on the Plymouth Rockwurst, but kitchen manager Keegan Dyer says they’re working on making theirs a little heavier to replicate the true holiday experience.

Unfortunately, the Plymouth Rockwurst is served on King Hawaiian Bread. Apparently a cornbread bun would just be too ridiculous.