Throughout the history of video games there are perhaps fewer games than one would expect about dinosaurs, since dinosaurs are awesome and video games can put players into worlds filled with just about anything. But at least a couple of quintessential dinosaur video games—the ones where you can shoot them with lots of different kinds of guns—are getting resurrected from extinction.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil were Nintendo 64 shooters from the mid-1990s in which players run around in dinosaur-filled worlds fighting those dinosaurs, as well as other people, skeleton guys, giant insects, dinosaurs with guns, people riding dinosaurs with guns, people with guns riding dinosaurs with guns, dinosaurs with laser eyes, and probably some other weird stuff.

The remastered versions were announced back in August by developer Night Dive Studios, which specializes in restoring old games. The Turok titles are supposed to include graphical enhancements as well as other improvements, and Night Dive released a few new screenshots on Facebook this week to further entice fans of dinocide.

Now we just need to know when the remastered Turok games will be available and what they’ll cost!