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18 Things That Are Always Seen on TV but Never Appear in Real Life

18 Things That Are Always Seen on TV but Never Appear in Real Life: Warner Bros. Television

Warner Bros. Television

Television shows today try hard to instill realism in their programs. The Wire exposes the inner-workings of the Baltimore Police Department, Mad Men recreates life in the 1960s and Lost shows how polar bears and smoke monsters can exist together on a tropical island. However some things seen on television don’t actually happen in real life, like Shaquille O’Neal driving a Buick. Here’s a list of other things on TV that never occur in everyday life, collected from Redditors.

1. Getting a parking space directly in front of the building they happen to be going to in the middle of a large city.

2. Every person speaks English to each other in their own native country, they just have accents.

3. Computer hackers mashing the keyboard and miraculously gain access to the system.

4. Being caught doing something that looks like you are cheating on your spouse and then letting him/her storm off without EXPLAINING THE FUCKING SITUATION AND AVOIDING MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF HEARTBREAK.

5. Relevant news stories immediately playing when a TV is turned on.

6. Someone at a bar ordering “a beer.” “Bitch, I got 7 beers on tap, and 5 different bottles. Pick one.”

7. Anybody who works in any sort of laboratory keeps that place dark as hell with only a couple of muted lamps. It is generally much easier to science when you can see WTF you’re doing.

8. The sound that punches make.

9. Everyone has a different first name.

10. Knocking someone unconscious is apparently really easy and anyone can do it.

11. Every single person that COUGHS ends up with a terminal illness.

12. Plugging in a USB cable the right way up on the first try.

13. A group of people dating each other and all remaining friends after breaking up.

14. Not a single teenager with acne.

15. A single woman in her thirties finds true love. And doesn’t have cats.

16. Crawling through heating vents.

17. Everyone buys baguettes when they go grocery shopping.

18. Bears using toilet paper.

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