What’s new on Netflix? Hot on Hulu? Amazing on Amazon? Crossing the Streams scours the streaming services to find the best shows and specials freshly available for online viewing. You’re welcome!

The acclaimed animated series about a washed-up ex-sitcom star who also happens to be a horse (voiced by Will Arnett) returns for another season of dark, absurdist humor. New additions to the vocal ensemble include Angela Bassett (as Bojack’s new publicist, who tries to score him an Oscar nomination for the biopic Secretariat), Candice Bergen, Rufus Wainwright and Greg Kinnear. Don’t miss the fourth episode, which takes place underwater and is almost entirely silent. Mr Ed never did that!

The proudly nerdy stand-up debuts his most recent special, taped at last year’s Comic-Con in San Diego. Among his topics are smuggling weed past TSA agents and his love of puns and treats. Plenty of names get dropped as well, including Yosemite Sam, deceased AC/DC frontman Bon Scott and “Weird Al” Yankovic. (“Here’s how old I am: I no longer know what ‘Weird Al’ is making fun of.”) If you refer to Robin Thicke as “Alan Thicke’s kid,” Posehn is the comedian for you.

If you’re hooked on HBO’s new crime opus The Night Of, here’s a chance to catch up on the original British drama series that inspired it. The first season, from 2008, shares a similar plotline to John Turturro’s new cable drama, as a young man (Ben Whishaw, best known as Agent Q in the recent 007 films) takes his family’s cab out for a night on the town and ends up accused of murder. Other familiar faces in the cast are the late Pete Postlethwaite as Whishaw’s cellmate, Homeland casualty David Harewood as a prison-gang leader, and Preacher’s Ruth Negga as the murder victim. Season 2 took on an entirely different case, as a woman (Maxine Peake) is accused of stabbing her husband.

Never heard of Shane Dawson? Well, he’s got 7.5 million YouTube subscribers and more than 3 million Twitter followers, which makes him Internet Famous. The comedian stars in this mockumentary in which five online celebrities compete in a talent competition. A few semi-famous IRL faces show up as well, including Pitch Perfect’s John Michael Higgins and Gone Girl’s Missi Pyle.

It’s Christmas in July! The Canadian crime dramedy returns with a special holiday-themed episode in which Toronto detective Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) investigates the mysterious death of a philanthropist and the disappearance of the gifts he was planning to give to the city’s orphans. Watch for Ed Asner as a man claiming to be Santa Claus. Mr. Graaaant!

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