What’s new on Netflix? Hot on Hulu? Amazing on Amazon? Crossing the Streams scours the streaming services to find the best shows and specials freshly available for online viewing. You’re welcome!

Hey, if Ice Cube can reinvent himself as a family-comedy star, why can’t Snoop Dogg become America’s most beloved kiddie-football coach? The ganja-loving gangsta rapper headlines this docu-series about the SYFL — the Snoop Youth Football League — which provides inner-city kids from across the country the opportunity to learn gridiron skills. Watch Snoop as he takes his team of 11- and 12- year-olds from L.A. on the road for games and teaches them valuable lessons about bullying, living with an ex-con father, and dealing with the po-po.

Back in 1991, The Lord of the Rings’ Christopher Lee and The Avengers’ (the original British spy show, not the superhero movie series) Patrick MacNee starred in a pair of TV movies as the crimesolving genius and his trusty companion Dr. Watson. In the opener, Sherlock’s brother Mycroft requests his help in defusing an electron-magnetic bomb detonator in Vienna. Oh, and the leading lady in the title is Sherlock’s lost love Irene Adler, played by… Morgan Fairchild. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

The wildly acclaimed stand-up Maria Bamford stars in this semi-autobiographical sitcom co-created by Arrested Development’s Mitch Hurwitz and South Park’s Pam Brady. In it, she plays herself as she pursues a career as an actress in Hollywood, gets hospitalized for bipolar disorder, then tries to rebuild her life. The supporting and guest casts are a veritable who’s who of cool comic actors, including Sarah Silverman, Jason Mantzoukas, Mary Kay Place, Ed Begley Jr., Fred Melamed, Ana Gasteyer, Lennon Parham, Bridget Everett, Patton Oswalt… the list goes on. Warning: Like its title, Lady Dynamite is explosively funny.

This Univision telenovela follows three identical triplets — Ana Lucia, Ana Leticia and Ana Laura (all played by Teresa’s Angelique Boyer) — who lose their parents in a car accident when they are children. Believed to be dead, Ana Lucia is raised by a woman who’s lost her young daughter. Ana Laura is kindhearted but romantically challenged due to the loss of her leg in the crash. And Ana Leticia is a glam diva with a criminal boyfriend. Will these three sisters find their way back to each other? Have you ever seen a telenovela? Of course they will!

Co-created by Rescue Me veterans Tom Sellitti and Jim Serpico, this IFC comedy concerns a gaggle of guys who bond over their love for playing amateur hockey on a team called “The Chubbys.” Think The League, only with hockey pucks. Watch for guest shots from comics Jim Norton and Jim Breuer as well as character actors Mark Margolis (Breaking Bad’s Tio) and Steve Schirripa (The Sopranos’ Bobby Baccalieri). Sadly, Benders missed its ratings goal and was axed after only one season, but you can enjoy all eight episodes on Netflix. Score!

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