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In 2002, the same year she bent it like Beckham (but before she set sail with the Pirates of the Caribbean), Keira Knightley starred in this two-part British miniseries, a remake of David Lean’s classic 1965 big-screen romance. House of Cards creator Andrew Davies adapted Boris Pasternak’s novel about the titular physician (Clash of the Titans’ Hans Matheson) who falls in love with Knightley’s enchanting Lara during the Russian Revolution. Jurassic Park’s Sam Neill co-stars as a wealthy Russian businessman with political connections who also gets involved with the much younger Lara. Or, as Donald Trump would call him, “a total winner.”

Originally set for a theatrical release back in March, this adaptation of the 1943 French children’s classic by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was snapped up by Netflix. Jeff Bridges voices an aged aviator who lives next door to a single mom (Rachel McAdams) and her daughter (Interstellar’s Mackenzie Foy) and tells the story of the young boy who lives on an asteroid. The vocal cast also encompasses James Franco, Ricky Gervais, Benicio del Toro, Marion Cotillard, Paul Rudd and Paul Giamatti. Plus, Albert Brooks as the Businessman, a wealthy tycoon who owns the stars in the sky. Or, as Donald Trump would call him, “my kind of guy.”

I know, you’re expecting another Donald Trump joke, but this is actually a drama about a trio of illegitimate children who stake a claim to the fortune of one of New Zealand’s wealthiest men, John Truebridge, after his death. The billionaire’s other kids fight them tooth and nail, of course. The only face you might recognize is Emma Fenton, who co-starred with a young Josh Hutcherson in 2006’s Bridge to Terabithia, although she’s grown up quite a bit in the past decade.

These three films — 2011’s Page Eight and 2014’s Turks and Caicos and Salting the Battlefield — star Love Actually’s Bill Nighy as a veteran MI5 agent. Written and directed by acclaimed playwright David Hare (Plenty), the trilogy boasts a powerful supporting cast, including the Constant Gardener duo of Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz, Judy Davis, Christopher Walken, Helena Bonham Carter, Felicity Jones, Dylan Baker and Winona Ryder. Hare tackles the clash between privacy and security in the post-9/11 world with a rare quality: genuine intelligence.

QI: SERIES 5-8 (Acorn TV)
Hugh Laurie’s old Jeeves and Wooster pal Stephen Fry hosts this U.K. comedy game show that bills itself as “the world’s most impossible quiz.” (The title is short for Quite Interesting). Among the brainy panelists on these episodes from 2007-11 are Emma Thompson, John Hodgman, Rob Brydon, Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson, former Doctor Who David Tennant and not Donald Trump (sorry, couldn’t resist one more joke).

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