What’s new on Netflix? Hot on Hulu? Amazing on Amazon? Crossing the Streams scours the streaming services to find the best shows and specials freshly available for online viewing. You’re welcome!

The sitcom co-created by Tina Fey returns for a second season, and this time you get to see a lot more of Tina in front of the camera. She turns up in the last five of the 13 new episodes as an Uber driver who becomes a therapist for Ellie Kemper’s titular cult escapee. Also watch for Fred Armisen as Robert Durst (yep, the guy from The Jinx), Jeff Goldblum as celebrity psychologist Dr. Dave, and Girls’ Zosia Mamet (as a hipster). But the best bit of stunt casting comes in the season finale, when Friends’ Lisa Kudrow turns up as the dizzy Kimmy’s long-lost mom. No word yet on whether she owns a smelly cat.

Mindy Kaling’s comedy has returned to finish out its fourth season, with new episodes premiering on Hulu every Tuesday. Two of them focus on Mindy’s OB/GYN partner Jeremy (Ed Weeks, also recently seen on HBO’s Project Greenlight and the resulting movie The Leisure Class). In the first, a co-ed in town for an egg-freezing party—don’t ask—develops a crush on him. In the second, Mindy turns to Jeremy’s ex, Whitney (Cristin Milioti), for financial advice. We just hope Mindy doesn’t kill off Milioti like How I Met Your Mother did…

The acclaimed Brit-com is back for six more episodes, and the story has flashed forward. Last season concerned the fallout from a fling between an Englishwoman (Sharon Horgan, who also created the show) and a Yank (Rob Delaney, who in addition to being “the funniest man on Twitter” is also a fine actor) — i.e. an unwanted pregnancy. Now the characters are married, raising an infant and dealing with serious issues like post-partum depression. But just when it seems like the show might be getting too serious for its own good, Carrie Fisher saves the day by earning big laughs as the mother-in-law from hell. Help us, Carrie, you’re our only hope!

Yes, it’s another Brit-com, but this one feels more like My So-Called Life. It follows 16-year-old Rae Earl (Sharon Rooney) as she’s released from a mental hospital and tries to readjust to life at home in the mid-1990’s. Familiar faces who pop up along the way include Ian Hart (Boardwalk Empire, The Bridge) as the therapist who helps Rae Earl deal with body-image and other issues and Keith Allen (real-life father of singer Lily Allen) as Rae Earl’s dad. All sixteen episodes are available on Hulu now, so gorge on them all you want.

Think of it as a British (yes, again) spin on 24 and Homeland. David Oyelowo, best known Stateside for playing Martin Luther King in Selma, stars as an MI-5 agent who’s keeping a Yemenese suspect (Arsher Ali) under surveillance to try and prevent a planned terorrist attack. A winner for the Best Single Drama award at the BAFTAs in 2014, Complicit is a tight, 93-minute thriller. It may not play out in real time like Jack Bauer’s adventures always did, but it’s still compelling.

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