There’s been a fair share of workout crazes over the past couple of years. Whether it’s Tae-Bo, P90X, The Total Gym, Bowlfex, Crossfit or even pole dancing. People are always finding new and exciting ways to exercise and get in shape. Basically, anything that gets your heart rate up and your blood pumping is a good way to stay in shape, but don’t tell that to Anet Antosova, who runs twerking workout classes.

For those unfamiliar with twerking, you clearly have never heard of Miley Cyrus either. It’s a form of dance that involves rigorous shaking of one’s derriere. There’s usually lots of bending, gyrating, grinding and it’s basically the most entertaining form of dance to watch. Anet has taken is a step further and turned this dance trend into a form of exercise, and it is incredible.

Judging by the shape these girls are in, the twerkouts seem to be doing the trick. Maybe more people should give this a try instead of spending tons on personal trainers and gym memberships. Just shake your ass more!