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Cover Model

Meet Aaleeyah Petty

During the Renaissance great artists would’ve gotten into fistfights for the chance to paint model Aaleeyah Petty. Like, for real. Michelangelo was known to paint some dudes black and blue IRL, and Caravaggio killed a pimp in a street fight. We think of those guys back then as boring. But their blood ran with the same passions. And just like you, they loved to gaze upon great beauties like Aaleeyah Petty.

Yesterrday or whateva 💭

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If you’d like to spend a few more minutes with Aaleeyah, check this vid that’s a compilation of her best and sexiest pics.


Could An Adult Film Star Be The Perfect VP for Trump?

Did you know a famous adult film star once ran for governor of California? True story. There was a recall vote against Gov. Gray Davis and an election for his replacement. The race was an insane free-for-all. Tons of candidates and kooks entered. Adult film star Mary Carey ran, but she lost to Arnold Schwarzenegger, with Carey placing a respectable 10th out of 135 candidates. Technically, she has just as much political experience as Donald Trump. If you think about it, Mary Carey could be the perfect VP for his ticket. Half the country is sort of screwed, right? Maybe all of it. Here, check how she makes her case. Are you listening, Donald?

Happy Sunday! Me for #vp #vicepresident

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Just The Tips

How to Sext Better

How’s your sext game? C’mon, be honest…you know it could be better. It can always be better. This week Bridget Phetasy did you a solid and laid out the etiquette of sexting. You best believe women judge your sext game hard. Did you know dropping too many emojis often closes a woman’s legs faster than you can say eggplant? But, like, if you take your time to undress her in your sexts, to tease her imagination with specifics, that’s some powerful foreplay. Check it, Bridget spells it all out for you.

Unbelievable Booty

The Swedish Unicorn Strikes Back

Who reports pictures on Instagram? Like, who hates amazing? Who says, this is too much goodness in my world? Who does that? This week, the Swedish Unicorn Ines Helene posted this pic on Instagram and some unhappy jag-off reported it. Probably the same sort of jerk who urinates in public pools. Lucky for us all, Helene reposted the pic to her Twitter account. But seriously, who doesn’t like this picture?

Irritated that her post had been removed from her Instagram, Helene posted this response vid and suggested the person who reported her pic should…kiss her fat ass. What a generous offer.

To the sad person who reported my last post and got it taken down… You can kiss my fat ass. 😄

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How to Have Lucid Sex Dreams

You ever experienced a lucid dream? One of those dreams that are rich with detail, lush with sensation, and you have this sense that you are dreaming, that you can control your dream and conjure things and people at will like some sort of sleeping wizard? Yes? No? Would you like to? What if you could conjure the most beautiful woman you can imagine and together you two enjoy a seductive dream fantasy? This article on lucid sex dreams is a good place to start.

Hard Science

How Long Should You Last In Bed?

How long do you think other guys last? Obviously, there are the unfortunate Two-Pump Chumps–but we’re not talking about premature ejaculation. On average, how long do you think most guys last? And more importantly, how long do you last? This week, Hard Science checked the data. Dr. Justin Lehmiller’s findings will likely surprise you. For instance, can you believe Brits might outlast Americans on average?

Interestingly, time to ejaculation did not depend upon whether guys wore condoms, nor did it depend upon whether guys were circumcised.

There were some intriguing differences across countries, though, with men from the U.K. and U.S. lasting the longest (median times of 7.6 and 7.0 minutes, respectively) and men from Turkey finishing the fastest (3.7 minutes).


Meet Anna Nystrom

Keeping it Swedish this week, our Insta-Crush is Anna Nystrom. And you can see why we were crushing hard. Anna Nystrom’s Instagram is ridic…u…lous. Her pics are so sexy, four out of five doctors recommend you don’t check her Instgram if you have a heart condition. The fifth doctor said do it anyway and just die happy.



Sex ‘n’ The Law

Is Prostitution Really A Crime?

As sex workers have used social media to reclaim their narrative, tell their own stories and reject notions that they need to be saved, the conversation around prostitution has shifted. So much so that, this week, the nation’s paper of record, the old grey lady, the New York Times asked: Should prostitution be a crime?

And in this personal essay about being a sex worker to pay for law school, writer Tina Dolgin examines the prickly issue from ethical rather than moral grounds.

Online Dating

GTFO…Men Who Smoke and Drink Are Better Hook-Ups?

This one sounds crazy. At first. But give it a second, and it’ll all make sense. Researchers from Ghent University were trying to figure out how evolutionary factors affect women’s choices of the men they hook up with for a short-term relationship. The researchers theorized that smoking and drinking would be seen as risky behaviors, and thus, would be attractive. If you’re looking to hook up, risky is often seen as sexy. So, yes, the bad boy wins again. Except, when women wanted something real like a long-term relationship, they went for non-smokers and light-to-moderate drinkers. Now it all makes sense, right? Science just figured out what you already know.

Sex ‘n’ Tech

When A Robot Drives It Leaves You Free…to Get Naked

Right now, driverless cars are fast becoming a thing. Mostly, they show up in the news because someone hit one. Or because there’s a viral video of a grandma losing her shit as her robot car races down the road. But soon they won’t just be used as easy clickbait. Soon, you will want a driverless car. But get one with tinted windows. Because, if you don’t have to drive, you could be doing other things, like… having sex. Which means, in five years time, our freeways will be filled with people fornicating in the fast lane as their robot driver navigates traffic. So, get ready for lots of new kinky car sex.

Sexual Health

We Have Good News ABout HIV

In the United States, the rate of new HIV infections is falling. And not just a little bit. Between 2010 and 2015, the rate of new infections fell 11 percent. That’s not to say it’s time to go bareback. Quite the opposite. We’re doing well, so keep wrapping your magic stick.

Tasteful Nude

Stripper Problems

If you put on your Tinder profile that you’re a stripper, you don’t tend to match with the best samples from the population of straight men. Which sucks for strippers. This week, Kasey Koop asks and answers the question: How do you date when you’re a stripper?

While we’re talking about exotic dancers, would you ever invite one to your 8-year old’s birthday party? Sure. Why not? They’re not bad people or bad influences on children, per se. But would you ever hire a stripper for your 8-year-old’s birthday party? Yeah, that’s something wholly different. That’s what this candidate for Mother-of-the-Year did. It’s reported that there’s video of the stripper grinding all over the kid’s face while he smacks her ass and his friends throw money at her. And yes, the mother is from….Florida.

As Walter Sobchak once so pithily pointed out in The Big Lebowski


…Male Pregnancy Porn? And Great Moments in Cleveland Sex History

It’s technically called MPREG. Which is an odd abbreviation for Male Pregnancy. The men aren’t actually pregnant. That’s ridiculous. No, they just pretend to be pregnant, and other people get off on watching that. Because apparently, some humans will find literally anything sexy.

Then, there was this news story about a bunch of Indoneasian villagers who mistook a sex doll for an angel.

And, of course, there are the Brazilians who are opening a theme park called ErotikaLand. They plan to give Disneyland a run for its money as “The Happiest Place on Earth.” (But they may have to settle with being the Happiest Ending-est Place on Earth.)

Finally, we saved the best for last. And by best we mean a horny couple from Cleveland. They told the police who found them that sometimes when the mood strikes… you just have to pull over and start having sex. Which is what they did. Which is illegal. Which is why they were arrested. They were discovered passed out, with the Jeep’s lights on, in a handicpaped parking space, both enjoying a post-coital nap. When that mood strikes, at least be wise enough to find somewhere discreet or spring for a motel. Or we may be reading about you.

Alright, let’s get your mind right for the weekend. And what better way to slide into the sexiness of your weekend than with these beautiful boss women from workout Wednesday. And while we’re at it, let’s double up with some bubble butts from this gallery that celebrates the beauty of the booty.