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Meet Julia Kelly

Time to get to know actress and all-around ethereal beauty Julia Kelly. You may have seen her on MTV’s Guy Code, or most recently on MTV2’s Not Exactly News, where she lends her tan and lovely beauty and her wicked comedic timing to its satirical news reports. Like this report she did on the “shitshow” that is morning traffic.






Beyoncé Spills Tea In Her Lemonade

“Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is…” That’s how Guru from Gangstarr once put it in this 1990s classic. And how right he was. This week, Beyoncé shook up the world when she released her new album/concept short film Lemonade. The big shock came from the revelation that Jay-Z had cheated on Beyoncé with a woman Bey refers to as Becky with the Good Hair. As you might imagine, her fans, the Beyhive went off. Problem was they took aim at the wrong woman. They mistakenly attacked celebrity chef Rachel Ray. If you want to see who the rumored woman is that Jay cheated with… her name is Rachel Roy…and you can click here.

Celebrity Assassin

Ariel Winter Killed It at Coachella

Each spring the desert flowers of the Indio Valley get crushed under the flip-flops and barefeet of drunk suntanned fans at Coachella. And each year, bands and solo artists dream that they crush the music festival and keep everyone talking about them for years to come. Well, this year at Coachella one woman came, she saw, she conquered. Only she never played a note. “Modern Family” actress Ariel Winter killed it at Coachella. People are still talking about she won Coachella just by being there and being her. Like, dayum!

Coachella 🎶🎶 (follow me on Snapchat winter.ariel)

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Just The Tips

Talk Dirty To Me

Do you love it when a woman talks dirty to you in bed? Do you like to tell a woman what you’re about to do next? Some guys are into it. Other guys don’t like it. Some dudes don’t feel comfortable with it because they don’t know how. It’s hard to learn how on your own. Which is why, this week, Bridget Phetasy explored how to talk dirty. For instance, did you know… the best times to talk dirty is during foreplay, during changes of position and in that furious build-up to orgasm?


I want to be told how I’m going to be fucked first and then maybe just maybe I’ll add in my two cents on being choked out, bent over, pinned against a wall, etcetera. I do not want to be the aggressor but will totally instigate and push for that from a guy. If he pusses out and wants me to be in the lead, then just fucking forget it.

I like being the sub in bed because I’m so dominant in real life. I like being manhandled and controlled in bed.

I love it when this one dude texts me in the middle of the day that he wants to choke me with his dick because I miss our unique sexual experiences, and feeling like he has the power, and it makes me feel like a woman and wanted.

Social Media Stars

Marie Madoré

Oh, how we adoré…Marie Madoré. (Sorry. Had to.) She stopped by Playboy and posed for a photoshoot and made us love cheeseburgers even more.

photo by Marya Gullo

photo by Marya Gullo

And check this vid from Marie as she tastes all the pleasures found at SoCal’s famous fast food chain, In-n-Out Burger. Marie tries every item on the menu.

Online Dating

“You know what Tinder needs? …Yes, I do. Group dates! And a way to DM Someone Your STD test results!”

Online dating is it now. For anyone living in a city it’s pretty much how you meet sexy new strangers, other than serendipity or dumb luck. To keep users engaged dating apps are always looking for that new innovation. This week Tinder launched a tool that facilitates group dating. Yep. Group dates. Some folks say this makes sense because Millennials like to go out in groups. Others have said it’s actually to arrange group sex. We say: Why can’t it be for both?

This other innovation in dating apps is way less sexy. But not a bad idea. It’s called Mately, and it’s a subscription-based service you’d use to securely share your STD/STI test results with a potential partner. Sounds like, pretty soon, if she likes your Instagram pics, and your text game’s on point, you could expect to hear a woman ask for your Mately.


Condom Copy, Porno Ted Cruz and Labiaplasty

Condom Copy: In a study published this week, researchers report that when condoms are used by adult film stars in porn scenes it leads to condoms being used in the bedroom by the viewers. That’s probably the best thing to imitate from a porn film. Fish-hooking and jackhammering are not terribly sexy outside of a porn set. But condoms? Cool.

Porno Ted Cruz: When we heard this news our immediate reaction was… “For the love of God, please noooo!!” Searcy Hayes, the Mississippi woman who’s become famous online as a “Ted Cruz in drag” look-alike, plans to capitalize on her 15 minutes of fame by starring in an a “Ted Cruz in drag” sex tape. We don’t plan to watch it, but the dialogue will probably be better than an actual Cruz speech.

Miss Ted Cruz

Miss Ted Cruz

Labiaplasty: You know how unattractive Ted Cruz is? That’s roughly equivalent to how some teen girls view their vaginas. Well, more correctly, their vulvas. They look down at their labia and want to fix them, much in the same way one looks at Ted Cruz and wants to fix his face. But unlike the Texas senator, there’s nothing wrong with the teen girls’ labias. Still, labiaplasty is fast becoming one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the U.S. as teen girls pay to have their lower lips trimmed to look like porn stars. It’s like Trump might tweet about Lyin’ Ted… Sad!

Hard Science

Length or Girth? Well, According to the Most Recent Studies…

This week, Hard Science inspected the data to find out: What matters more to women, length or girth?

Together, these studies tell us is that some women do indeed care about length, but that more women care about girth. The obvious question many of you are probably wondering at this point is why?

It likely has to do with the fact that women have far more nerve endings surrounding the entrance to the vagina than they do deep inside the vaginal canal. A thicker penis may therefore be desirable because it simply offers more stimulation overall, including some amount of clitoral stimulation.

Playboy Muse

Lauren Buys

Lauren Buys has a bewitching presence, long-limbed, and lazy-boned, she’s gifted with haunting eyes. This week, she’s our Muse, and we think you’ll enjoy this gallery of her pics

[Photo by Danny Lane](https://www.instagram.com/dannyscottlane/)

Photo by Danny Lane

Sex ‘n’ Tech

Why Is Everybody Talking About Sperm This Week?

The internet was filled with sperm this week. That sounds gross. But it’s true. There were a ton of stories of sperm. Like, there was this story about using a dead man’s last deposits for artificial insemination, which raises a ton of interesting questions, both ethical and scientific.

Then there was this story about Spanish scientists who’ve figured out a way to make sperm out of human skin cells. Which would have vast implications beyond just making very expensive designer sperm.

And the science journal Nature published this study on why so many modern men have weak-ass sperm production. The simple answer is: your sperm gets stressed. One of the common stressors is probably in your pocket right now. Your cellphone. But there was good news: coffee and alcohol were found not to affect sperm quality.

Consent Culture

Oklahoma Legalizes Rape with Court Ruling… and What If Sex Ed Was Based on Consent Being Sexy?

Um, Oklahoma…we need to talk.

This week, in a highly-criticized ruling, an Oklahoma court determined that the state will not punish someone for having oral sex with an unconscious person if that passed-out person was drinking. So, let’s get this straight… in Oklahoma, not only will alcohol erase your inhibitions, it also erases your rights as a citizen? We’re pretty sure that’s not how alcohol works and pretty sure that court ruling is unconstitutional af. Just imagine if you were passed out on a couch and boom!…that makes your mouth fair game for genitals. WTF?!

On the flipside of consent culture, here’s an interesting read about a sex ed program that’s designed to teach boys how to become men who not only know their way around a woman’s body but also how to negotiate consent as he arouses her.

Frontiers of Sex

Is This Kinky?

More and more straight men are leaning that a finger in their butt doesn’t change their sexual orientation. If you’ve never explored that dark part of your sexual love map, here’s a first-person account of what it feels like when you have a prostate orgasm.

This is the End

Snappin’ and Gram'n

Well, we’ve reached that time of the week. Let’s get your mind right with a kiss of sexiness to send you off into your Saturday, eager and yet chill. What better way than to add a few new beautiful women to your social media feeds. First, here are the hottest accounts on Snapchat. And because you know we always got your back, let’s double it up, here are the hottest accounts on Instagram. A bevvy of beautiful and sexy women, like, Gemma Lee Farrell. Enjoy!