Aaron Feaver

Aaron Feaver


Meet Miss May…Brook Power

It’s not often someone says their role model is Sacagawea. But Miss May is not like most folks. If you peep this gallery you’ll find that Brook Power is a rare one. She’s an artist and model, one who draws on her Chippewa heritage to give her a sexy confidence that shows up and shines in her eyes. As you’ll soon see, Brook Power is a sexy badass.

This week we also revealed our cover model Keilani Asmus. This gallery curated from her cover photo shoot captures a relaxed side of Keilani as she sunbathes sans her top but accompanied by a spring blossom.

Photo by Henrik Purienne

Photo by Henrik Purienne

Sex 'n’ Politics

Not Every Threesome Is Sexy: I Had Group Sex With Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Spurred by the premiere of the HBO movie, Confirmation, the New York Post published this account of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas enjoying threesomes with his female colleagues. The woman who claims to have had group sex with the Supreme Court Justice somehow makes it sound like some lame holiday office party sex. (Which it probably was). And the single best detail about Justice Thomas enjoying threesomes had nothing to do with sex. It was his “signature dance move.” Apparently, the silent justice liked to bend over and act like he’s picking up a napkin or handkerchief. …Um, how is that a “dance move?” Did anyone ever consider that maybe the justice is just really clumsy and he’s trying to play it off like he was dancing?

That story raises an important question, if even Supreme Court Justices go hard in the paint: just how common are threesomes? Glad you asked. Hard Science columnist Justin Lehmiller is here with the answer. Hint: It’s more common if it’s two women and one man.

Playboy Abroad

Blue Is The Warmest Color

[Photo by Ana Dias](https://www.instagram.com/anadiasphotography/)

Photo by Ana Dias

Playboy Abroad was in Morocco this week. Photographer Ana Dias picked the city of Marrakech for her backdrop. In her words, it reminds her of adventure. Her partner for the desert trek was the unmistakably hot Corinne Piccolo. The Italian model’s striking blue eyes set against her raven black hair combine to form a smoldering hot and cool beauty. Up on a rooftop, surrounded by sun-warmed colors, Ana and Corinne created these truly stunningly sexy images.

Enjoy this vid of their stroll through the old city, leading up to Corinne’s rooftop swimsuit shoot.


Wanted: Bartender for Sex Parties

Imagine… you’re a bartender. You have a job at a club. Nice place. It hosts “different types of events, birthday parties, baby showers, even a wedding reception.” But one day your boss asks you to work a special party. As everyone relaxes, it turns into a sex party. Now imagine that each night you turn up for work, you never know if it’s going to be a baby shower or a group sex marathon… how much would your boss have to pay you to play bartender at his sex parties? Now, what if there was no extra pay, no sex party bonus, and you had to work the parties just to keep your job? That’s what happened to this New York woman. She sued about it. This story makes the New York job market sound even tougher than we thought.

Social Media Star

Antje Utgaard Takes Over the Mansion

Photo by Marya Gullo

Photo by Marya Gullo

Blonde stunner Antje Utgaard stopped by the Playboy Mansion this week, and she took over the spot. In this photo shoot, the social media star seized the opportunity to have some fun on the grounds and let her sexiness come out to play, any which way she wanted to.

Sex Online

PornHub Unveils “Emoji-4-Porn”

You know how you can text a pizza emoji to Domino’s to order a piping hot pie delivered right to your door? Now, guess what you can get delivered to your smartphone with just an emoji? A piping hot adult film from PornHub. The world’s largest online destination for porn calls their new service Emoji-4-Porn. It’s as simple as it sounds. You send PornHub an emoji of, say, a grandma, an eggplant, and a shower head…and then, PornHub sends you back an adult film matching that description. In this case, it might be a Mature Woman enjoying Water Sports while she’s getting… you get the idea. We’re pretty sure this will lead to some epic viral prank vids. So, stay tuned.

Music Vid of the Week

Rihanna’s Latest: Needed Me


A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

While touring the United States, Rihanna’s been dropping music videos like earth-rattling meteorites. Ka-boom! When each new vid hits it feels like the whole world stops to watch RiRi. This week she released Needed Me. And much like BBHMM, the story centers on a revenge fantasy of murking a dude in cold blood. Yet, somehow, as Rihanna glides with a handgun through a strip club, she makes it all so damn hot and sexy. Like, she slays with her murderous sexiness.

Sex ‘n’ Tech

Vegetable Condoms…and Would You Date-a-Robot?

Unlike, shoes, hats, or rings, there is no good or useful sizing system for condoms. So this dude Guan-Hao Pan created his Love Guide condoms. Rather than package them in a box, he uses the package to help you size the condom to your package. The condoms are sold in a tube. Each tube is named for a different vegetable like, say, cucumber. The circumference of the tube should feel similar in size to what the condom will cover. What a simple idea. And rather brilliant.

The idea of getting pleasured by a sexbot sounds like sticking your magic stick into a very shapely vagina-inspired washing machine, one that’s been taught to moan occasionally. But, hey, let’s not judge prematurely. For plenty of people, not only is sex with a robot becoming less and less weird, now there are people who want to date a robot. That seems kinda backwards, don’t you think? Dating second. But it’s actually not like you think. These folks want to use a robot to help them date, like, as a stand-in for a partner in a long distance relationship.


RIP, Prince: The Death of His Royal Purple Sexiness

This week we lost the sexiest person on the planet. It was sudden. Shocking. And so terribly sad. Prince Rogers Nelson was 57 when he died in an elevator in his Paisley Park studio. As Bomani Jones wrote so beautifully for Playboy, There Will Never Be Another Prince. The New York Times offered perhaps one of the best obituaries. And Prince, in his song Let’s Go Crazy, he offered us his own timeless advice on how to deal with this moment in life:

You better live now
Before the grim reaper come knocking on your door

Tell me, are we gonna let the elevator bring us down
Oh, no let’s go!

Let’s go crazy
Let’s get nuts
Look for the purple banana
'Til they put us in the truck, let’s go!

Whatever you do, keep an eye out for that purple banana. But in all seriousness, there are so many lessons we learned and will continue to learn from Prince. Second to his music, the dude showed us how to be sexy. Not sexy like Prince. That’s impossible. Prince was the Bruce Lee of sexiness. But we can learn from Prince how to be the sexier version of ourselves. In a fitting non-musical memoriam for Buzzfeed, Nichole Perkins recalls what she learned from Prince about female sexuality:

When people jokingly wonder how a man who wears heels and makeup, challenging ideas of masculinity, is able to date so many women, I often think of songs like “Do Me, Baby” and “Scandalous.” He understands the need to give his partners room to take charge and how doing so doesn’t equal a threat to his manhood. On the album version of “Do Me, Baby,” Prince ends the song with his orgasm, begs his partner for help, and finally asks to be held.

In honor of the inimitable Purple One, His Sexy Majesty, Prince Rogers Nelson, here’s author and comedian Sara Benincasa laying out for Playboy why everyone would have sex with Prince. Yes, everyone. You, your brother, your mama, your daddy, your whole damn family. Everyone. Let Sara explain.

Thanks for everything, Prince.