Photography by Marya Gullo

Photography by Marya Gullo


Meet Playmate of the Year Eugena Washington

Photography by Jason Lee Parry

Photography by Jason Lee Parry

May is always a very special month. It’s when we announce our Playmate of the Year. In 2016 the title has been passed from Dani Mathers to Eugena Washington. As her cover shows, Eugena has a timeless beauty, an easy charm and the sort of confidence that’s irresistibly sexy.

Photography by Jason Lee Parry

Photography by Jason Lee Parry

In this seductive gallery from her PMOY shoot, catch Eugena as she lounges au natural, poses poolside and exercises her effortless sexiness.

Photography by Marya Gullo

Photography by Marya Gullo

Next, dive deep into this collection of pics of Eugena stretching an assortment of bikinis, bras and panties, as she beautifies Los Angeles with her fyah presence.

Photography by Marya Gullo

Photography by Marya Gullo

Just like an astronaut who’s walked on the moon, or a Super Bowl MVP, only a Playmate of the Year knows what it’s like to be PMOY. Which is why we asked PMOY 2015 Mathers to interview Eugena.

One other thing: if you’re curious what a gorgeous woman like Eugena finds attractive…well, we asked her.

Hard Science

What Do Women Look For In a Man? No, It’s Not That

Eugena just told us what she finds attractive in a partner. But you may be thinking: that’s one woman’s opinion. Okay. Fair enough. Imagine you gave 82,819 heterosexual women a list of 23 traits they look for in a partner. Which trait do you think would be the most desirable? Despite all the scholarly literature you may have read in YouTube comment sections, the answer isn’t fat stacks of cash. Here’s a hint: the second-most attractive trait was intelligence. Kindness was No. 4. If you’re thinking physical attractiveness ranked high on the list…we have bad news. A dude’s “good looks” barely made the top ten–showing up at nine. So, what’s the most-desirable trait in a man? Women say the answer all the time. We just never believe them.

Social Media Star

The Undeniable Charms of Chantel Jeffries

Chantel Jeffries is what dreams are made of. Like, she owns your attention. There’s no easy way to look away from Chantel. And really, why would you want to? Chantel is one of the hottest models on Instagram for a reason, and she has us fully enchanted. Like, dayum!

Online Dating

Swipe Right If You Hate Trump…and When VR Relationships Lead to IRL Sex

These days dating apps are super important if you want to meet new people to get naked with. But hey, maybe don’t limit yourself to Tinder, Bumble and Facebook flirting. There are lots of ways to meet potential partners online.

For some people, clicking buttons in the virtual world leads to them popping buttons in real life. The members of long-running VR worlds like Second Life often feel less social pressure online and they feel free to be themselves. Which means sometimes two socially-awkward people meet, virtual sparks fly, virtual clothing comes off, and then…a curious thing happens, their VR fantasy grows into real life bonds…and sometimes leads to sex and/or marriage. So, game on!

But where does a lonely conspiracy theorist turn to find love? It can’t just be anyone. Like, she’d need to agree that the Denver airport is a secret United Nations detention facility…or whatever. Finding that special woman who believes all the same paranoid fantasies can be difficult. Which is where Awake Dating comes in handy. It’s the online dating app for horny 9/11 Truthers and lonley fans of David Icke to find each other.

Or, let’s say you’re feelin’ the Bern, real hard, and you can’t imagine life or love under President Trump. We have good news. There’s also MapleMatch, it’s an app for Trump-haters looking to flee America and find love…in Canada.

Rules of the Sex Game

Is Sexting Cheating…or Nah, It’s Chill?

What exactly is a sext? Is it like flirting, mostly harmless, and not really something to get upset about? Or is it a sex act? Like, if your partner found out you’re sexting with someone else…would you be up shit creek? Over in the U.K., a third of men and women said sexting isn’t cheating. But, just as I like to point out whenever someone brings up that verbal diarhhea machine Piers Morgan, Americans aren’t the same as Brits. To find out how serious sexting is on this side of the Atlantic, writer Gabby Bess asked young women: Is sexting cheating…or nah? What do you think American women said?

Art of Sexiness

Clayton Cubitt and the Power of Women, Books and Orgasms

You’ve likely heard of ASMR videos and the “eargasms” that are coaxed by the whispering voice of a woman. But have you heard of Hysterical Literature? Photographer Clayton Cubitt films a woman reading aloud from a book of her choosing…until she’s overcome by an orgasm. A real orgasm. This week, Clayton Cubitt sat down for a conversation with Playboy about women, books, orgasms, the power of a woman’s sexual agency and why Millennials and Gen-X should merge into a super generation and take over everything. Check it. Here’s a sample vid from Hysterical Literature of alt-superstar Stoya reading aloud until she gives into a ridiculously sexy and shuddering climax.

Sex Life Hack

The Gentleman’s Guide to the Back Door and The Shakespearean Guide to Sexual Identity

This week, Playboy’s resident sex life coach Bridget Phetasy took Just The Tips into the world of butt play. Here’s the thing. People love ass but hate to talk about ass play in mixed company. And so lots of men have no idea what they’re doing or what women expect when it comes to anal sex. Bridget’s got your back. Literally and figuratively. She asked a few female friends to share their tales from about the good and bad of anal sex.

Let her relax. Remind her to breathe. Keep lubing up. The ass doesn’t produce lubricant, so get some water-based lube and apply generously. If it’s not working, NEVER FORCE IT. Kiss her, laugh it off and tell her it’s no big deal; you can try again another time when she’s ready, if she wants.

Getting kinkier, this week we sat down with writer Jillian Keenan to discuss BDSM and Keenan’s all-consuming obsession with spanking, as well as how she made sense of her sexual identity with the help of Bad Billy Shakespeare in her new memoir, Sex with Shakespeare.

Sex Toys

Hey Gwynnie, How Much For the Solid Gold Dildo?

If you came home and your girlfriend told you she just bought a solid gold dildo from Gwyneth Paltrow, would you assume she was having a stroke? Maybe she’d fallen and hit her head. But there is no way–no way!–that you would believe she was serious. Until this week. Making sure that fact remains always stranger than fiction, Gwyneth Paltrow’s compiled a sex toy guide this week. To push pleasure, Gwyn recommends whips, chains and lubricant made from yams. But most notably, she’s also selling a $15,000 solid gold dildo. Glad she can afford it.

Unlike Americans…not all sex toys are created equal. Gwyneth Paltrow wasn’t the only one with an overly-expensive naturally-sourced dildo in the news this week. There was also this sex toy made out of stalactites. You know, those mineral spikes that grow in caves. When it comes to sex toys the appeal seems simple: get in where you fit in. But the government isn’t sure if that’s such a good idea or not. Could be toxic.

Sex ‘n’ Security

PornHub Needs You!

The world’s largest porn destination wants to know: Are you a horny white hat hacker sitting at home just waiting for a worthy challenge? If so…PornHub needs you! No, seriously, they do. They’ll pay you $25,000 if you can hack the PornHub website. You up to the challenge?


Baby, I Want To Love You Like A Pile of Compost

What’s the weirdest thing you can imagine having a sexual fantasy about? How about, say, a multi-limbed green-skinned alien dominatrix? Or maybe a nymphomaniac talking dolphin? How about a steaming mound of soil and mulch? If you can believe it there are people who don’t want to do it in the dirt, they want to do to the dirt. They want to carpet munch the jungle floor. They want to tongue tickle a rhododendron. They want to… you get the idea. They call themselves “ecosexuals,” and just like capitalism they want to fuck the Earth. Except, their profit is an orgasm.

Did you ever blow bubbles when you were a kid? Well, he’s back in town and he wants your new number. Just kidding, but it’s time to get your mind right for the weekend, so here’s some truly sexy bubbles courtesy of Ana Cheri blowing bubbles of bubble gum while looking bubbly and beautifully topless.