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Meet Italia Kash



Italia Kash ia a chestnut-haired international model who likes to stay busy blessing the air with her lovely bikini-clad presence. She’s been very generous with sexiness this spring, sharing a ton of posts, dropping jaws on the regular on her Instagram. Maybe you need to beautify your feed with a hit of Italia Kash.

Sex Ed: Celebrity Edition

Guess Which Hollywood Starlet Needs A Lesson In Sex


Harper’s Bazaar

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the world’s most relatable movie star asked for someone to please explain sex to her. It seems Jennifer Lawrence’s recent drought of dry sheets that she’s joked about has now lasted so long the woman has completely forgotten what sex is. Unbelievable—not that she forgot what sex is, or that she’s going through a sex drought—that happens to everyone even the rich and famous—it’s unbelievable that even when she’s not getting any…J-Law is still chill af.

Future Sexy Now

What Sexbot Would You Rather Bed Down?

This first story comes to us from Japan. The nation has fast become the world’s leader at inventing new ways for people not to have sex with another human being. The latest tech-based non-human sex partner is called Tenga. And here’s the twist… this partner is a VR suit you wear so it can stimulate you sexually. It actually seems rather cheap at $400. But it also seems like…um, do you really wanna find yourself home alone on a Saturday night cleaning your VR sex suit?

The undeniable proof sexbots are penetrating deeper into your reality can be found each week in the news. Reliable as spring rain, every few days there’s a new story about sexbots. This week, there was study published about volunteers who were instructed by a robot to touch its body. Of course, being human, some people grew very aroused touching the robot’s butt and genitals. Guess someone should teach the robots just how easily humans get horny.

And then there’s the guy who built a bot that looks exactly like Scarlett Johansson. It justs sounds like nine kinds of creepy. Don’t get us wrong—it’s impressive, it’s even kind of cool—but it’s still creepier than your weirdest neighbor.

The Tasteful Nude

Um, I Might Have Missed A Meeting…What is a Humanitarian Ho?

As part of her ongoing series The Tasteful Nude, Playboy’s Kasey Koop has been peeling back the layers of confusion for folks about what life is really like for a stripper. To further shed light on what goes on up in tha club, this week Kasey discusses what she calls the ‘Humanitarian Ho’:

It’s strange that a completely legal job like stripping can be viewed with such skepticism. On the other hand, sometimes I feel like a job this easy should be criminal! During my first month stripping, I felt guilty asking customers for the $20 a lap dance costs because, after years of waiting tables, making money at this rate felt unnatural. Sex work has the inherent Robin Hood quality of taking from the rich and giving to the poor; it’s one of the few places where the redistribution of wealth occurs directly.

Playboy Abroad with Ana Dias

Jamaica Me Crazy

Ana Dias lives the dream. She travels the world, seeking exotic locales to serve as backdrops for her to photograph impossibly beautiful women. This week, Dias and statuesque blonde model Marcelle Mazzini made some magic on the beaches of Montego Bay.

[photo by Ana Dias](http://www.playboy.com/galleries/playboy-abroad-jamaica-ana-dias/slide-1)

photo by Ana Dias

Sex Meets Culture

Why Is Hijab Porn So Popular These Days?

Is Hijab Porn a reaction to 9/11? Is Mia Khalifa the most popular porn star in the world because there are so many veterans of the Iraq and Afghan wars? Some academics suggest it’s a result of xenophobia that twists into a fetishized attraction toward the stranger. They theorize it’s a subconscious way for non-Muslim Western men to make sense of confusing emotions, to overcome their fears—How could Muslims be scary, if they’re sexy? But others say the real reasons for the rise of Hijab Porn are far darker and deeper, tied up in narratives of domination. This essay sharply examines “Pornientalism” and disrobes racist stereotypes to expose how Muslim women are treated as subjects of dangerous Western fantasies.

Social Media

Sexy Nostalgia: Smells Like Teen Spirit

This week, Rosanna Arkle reminisced about a Discman, Furbies, Gameboys, and lots of other ridiculously colorful, spandex’d, scrunchied, grungey trends of the ‘90s and inspired this sexy and fun throwback photoshoot. The video below will take you back to the ‘90s faster than you can say… I want my MTV!

Sexonomics and Porn

We All Know Sex Sells But…How Much Money Does the Porn Industry Really Make? And Is Rule 34 Real…Or Nah?

This week, The Atlantic took a long hard look at porn. In this interview with gender studies professor Shira Tirrant, the publication examines the balance sheets and broader trends to see where profits lie, and what looks to be future of the porn industry.

I can’t decide what good or bad is for people—I don’t want to make moral pronouncements about that. But I think moving away from those mainstream tube sites and being adventurous is important. To think, if we look at mainstream porn, that we’re being wild or really sexy, we’re kind of eating at McDonald’s all the time. It’s the sex equivalent of eating all our meals at McDonald’s. Being more adventurous could really expand our definitions of sexuality, sexual pleasure, and sexual desire in ways that could be surprising.

And for the Washington Post, this was a week to explore a great internet mystery: whether or not the internet’s Rule 34 is real or not. The newspaper tasked a team of serious journalists to uncover the truth behind the theory that “if you can think of something, there’s porn of it online.” So, what do you think, is Rule 34 real…or nah?

Dangerous Curves Ahead

Anastasiya Kvitko Comes to America From Russia With Love…Smuggling Crazy Curves

To call Anastasiya Kvitko the Russian Kim Kardashian is only apt in that she’s just as ridiculously sexy as her superstar comparison. But comparisons are onerous. Trust, Anastasiya is her own particular brand of spectacular.

Time to prep your mind and body for your weekend. We curated pics of some of the most arrestingly beautiful women for this gallery dedicated to the proposition that you deserve to enjoy a few curves in your life. Here are 25 Hump Day selfies.

Hope you guys have a great day..Love you all so much! What’s everyone’s plans this weekend?!

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