Twitch has added some pretty great interactive capabilities to its video game livestreams. We’ve seen viewers use Twitch chat to play all the way through Pokemon and even defeat the super-difficult Dark Souls.

This might be Twitch’s greatest abuse of power, however: it gave viewers control of a couch attached to a mechanical bull. Then it made people try to play video games while sitting on it.

The player in question is YouTuber Jericho, who took part in a sponsored Twitch stream in which he had to hold his own in Super Smash Bros. while also holding onto a moving couch. Jericho posted a video of the stream, which you can see above—it starts out pretty tame, but then the viewers start to get serious, and Jericho starts risking great bodily injury.

For video games, and the entertainment of random people on the internet, though, it’s worth it.

Via Kotaku.