For almost a month now, the community surrounding video game streaming website Twitch has been playing Dark Souls by way of democracy—viewers use the stream video’s chat room to voice their votes for what buttons should be pressed and in what order, and the system plays the game. And after 28 days, the will of the people has managed to conquer Dark Souls’ toughest boss fight.

You can see the final battle with Ornstein and Smough in the video above. The pair are considered the two toughest bad guys in Dark Souls—first you fight them together, and once you’ve killed one, the other gets a power boost. But after Twitch’s dramatic and largely terrible battle with the game’s first boss, the Asylum Demon, this seems positively easy.

Normally when you watch the Twitch stream, you’d see the game stopping after every action so the community has time to plot the next one. The pausing system was added because for a long while, the chat was so indecisive and chaotic that the player character would get stuck for hours at a time trying to climb ladders or standing in small pools of water. If the video above seems jittery, it’s because it’s the short version of the final victory with the pauses removed.

If you’re keen on seeing the battle with those pauses left in, check it out here, in all its six-hour glory. You can also tune in to the on-going stream here.

Truly, the destruction of Ornstein and Smough suggests that Twitch can do anything. Maybe we should give the community an actual challenge, like solving world hunger or something.