Donald Trump says a lot of outrageous shit.

We can all agree on that, right? Hell, a lot of people voted for the guy because of said outrageous shit. And since this is a universal truth about the 45th president, the internet never wastes any time playing Trump’s own words for dark laughs.

The latest brilliant incarnation of that phenomeon is “Pres. Supervillain”, a Twitter account from comic book writer and editor D.M. Higgins. The concept is elegant and incisive: Take real Trump quotes and place them in comic book panels featuring Marvel Comics SuperNazi and Captain America nemesis The Red Skull.

It’s…effective, to say the least.

To add to the power of the images, Higgins also adds a source for every quote, so you know that Trump actually said this stuff. It’s really terrifying in a funny way.

This isn’t the first time Trumps words have been juxtaposed with supervillain imagery. Mark Hamill has famously read Trump tweets in his legendary Joker voice and a version of Trump as a giant head with tiny arms (how appropriate) appeared in Marvel Comics last year.

This particular parody hits harder, though, because this is The Red Skull. He’s not just Captain America’s greatest nemesis. He’s a Nazi, a mass murderer and the tyrannical leader of the fascist Hydra organization. As you may have heard, Captain America is a Hydra leader in the pages of Marvel Comics at the moment thanks to a plot to rewrite history that was masterminded by…The Red Skull. While that doesn’t technically make Cap a Nazi, it does heavily associate the character with Nazi ideals. The Red Skull took one of America’s most potent symbols of freedom and turned him into a fascist agent of conquest. Now that guy is saying Trump’s words on Twitter. And they make perfect sense coming out of his mouth.

In semi-related note, now redirects to the White House page about Trump. Funny, right?