I woke up this morning, once again, to proof that, left unattended, the denizens of Twitter are a quirky, gullible bunch. While it’s something of a reprieve from all the race-baiting over #Ferguson and bugging out unnecessarily over the #Floyd versus #50cent #icebucketchallenge gone ornery, the trending topic of #SupernaturalRomComs still seems inexplicable in light of the fact that romantic comedies are widely perceived to have lost all relevance.

So, what possibly could have, ahem, possessed so many insomniac Twitterers to go lemming over such a gossamer meme? At first, I thought it might be some twisted homage to the onset of If I Stay which is predicted to smash all comers at the box office this weekend. But, as it turns out, #SupernaturalRomComs traces back to that Nerdist troublemaker Chris Hardwick — or, at least, the minions who manage the web presence for his @midnight late night talk show. Said tag was hashed late last evening, apparently, in honor of National Tooth Fairy Day. That makes about as much sense as the hashtag itself, so have at it Twitter. There’s still a couple hours before everyone on both coasts has to be at work.

Here are a few of my favorites.