Micro-blogging platform Twitter hit a big milestone today as it celebrates its 10th birthday, but the bigger news for tweeters across the world came from Twitter’s creator and CEO, Jack Dorsey, who confirmed that Twitter won’t be straying from its 140 character limit on Tweets.

The past few weeks have seen a slew of reports claiming that Twitter was preparing to end an era of limiting tweets at 140 characters in an effort to re-engage a user base that’s been subject to more ads and abrupt adjustments to its timeline’s algorithm and has been increasingly vocal about changes they feel are made against Twitter’s best interests.

“It’s a good constraint for us. It allows for of-the-moment brevity,“ said Dorsey during his Today interview. In an interview with Bloomberg, Dorsey spoke about his vision of Twitter’s place in an ever-changing social media landscape.

"There’s a whole discussion around virtual reality and augmented reality, and Twitter has been augmenting reality for 10 years. You watch any game, you watch any live event, you watch any political debate, Twitter makes it more interesting, funnier, entertaining. So if you were to very humbly think of Twitter as a chat room—a global chat room—it’s been this room that people talk about the world and what’s happening in the world nonstop.”