I’m a pretty a level-headed guy, but the fact that I’ve gone years—decades even!—without Twix spread spins me into a rage. Do you know how many things I could’ve put this on? We’re talkin’ everything from toast to people. And even as this miraculous offering to the world has come into existence in order to make everyone’s life better, its availability is limited to just the United Kingdom.

Sold for roughly $3 (a dangerous price tag for sure), the Twix bread is basically what you hope it’d be—a deconstructed Twix candy bar. Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats has blessed us all with what may be the best non-tech invention of the 21st Century. However, general manager Michelle Frost put it much more humbly.

FROST: “Innovation is a key factor in maximising sales and driving growth within this category. Our spreads range combines great tastes and familiar brands, to offer greater retail choice and meet consumer demand for more indulgent spreads.”

So there you have it.