We’ve been waiting for years (ever since X-Men Origins: Wolverine) for Ryan Reynolds to get his chance at a full-length movie devoted entirely to “The Merc with a Mouth,” Deadpool, and next year we’re finally getting it. The first proper trailer for the film, which looks to be an intoxicating blend of comedy and gore-packed action, wowed audiences at San Diego Comic-Con, and last night the rest of the world finally got to see what Reynolds and company have been up to.

Above, you’ve got the all audiences trailer, which packs plenty of irreverence, humor, and slick action, but it’s not what fans clamoring for a “Hard R” Deadpool movie really want. For that, you’ve got to watch the Red Band trailer, which is just as sick and twisted as you’d expect, in a great way. Check it out:

Deadpool arrives February 12, 2016 (you know, for Valentine’s Day), and if it’s half as fun as these trailers, it’ll be a blast.