Picture this: 21 bartenders from around the world have converged to craft their signature concoctions in competition. When they’re not slinging drinks, they’re participating in native rituals and extreme sports.

And if that is not cool enough, on the scene is a pair of Playmates, who are giving us a first look at their adventures down under. Miss October 2006 Jordan Monroe and Miss December 2010 Ashley Hobbs are there to partake in the festivities, Tweet away and just be their beautiful selves. Oh, the life of a Playmate…

On Day 1, Jordan threw all her fears to the wind (literally), bungee jumping off a 140-foot bridge that looks down onto an icy river. Both Playmates learned the traditional Maori greeting, called a hongi, where two people press their noses together in salutation. They wrapped up the day by feasting on a four-course degustation dinner and sipping specialty cocktails.

So enjoy the pictures, live vicariously through our Playmates and check back for more later on.

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