A leaked video from a Boston Dynamics expo showcases a terrifying new technology: A bipedal robot with wheels and terrifyingly good balance. As is easy to see in the leaked video, the thing has got some serious dexterity. The audio of the video reveals that this robot can maintain its own balance, and carry a significant payload, without sacrificing agility.

Since it can handle a lot of weight, that characteristic is cleverly reflected in the robot’s name. The bipedal robot is a further development of previous Boston Dynamics creations that regularly take abuse. The wheeled version is far more agile, and can even perform super sick jump moves. Imagine having a personalized “Sick tricks” robot that could accompany you to the skate park.

Boston Dynamics has had interest from buyers such as Amazon and Toyota according to The Verge. So far, none of these prototype robots have been purchased for commercial development.

Despite the fact that no consumer robots of this nature exist, there are numerous applications robots such as these could possess. In a military context, soldiers could be accompanied by these sorts of robots as additional cargo mules. Maybe one day, these sorts of robots would even replace soldiers and police officers. Clearly, that day is far in the future. But evidence suggests the robo-takeover may be more immediate than we believe.