Many Londoners will recoil or launch into a passionate defense of unions when you mention Margaret Thatcher. Yet there’s always a crowd dancing to ‘80s pop hits and sipping sugary cocktails from ceramic Iron Lady jugs at Maggie’s, the Chelsea nightclub named in her honor. Similarly, former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s tax fraud and sex scandals have been reduced to pizza, karaoke, and saucy waiters gyrating at the Bunga Bunga chain.

Now it’s Donald Trump’s turn to be immortalized on the London nightlife scene, thanks to Twumps, an “anti-Trump” pop-up bar that’s taken over Shoreditch’s Rich Mix cinema this weekend.

While Americans are currently squaring off about the appropriateness of Tina Fey’s sheetcake jokes, the Brits have applied their irreverent, Private Eye-nourished political approach to MAGA mania. It’s kitschy. It’s critical. It’s covfefe.

Revelers belly up to the bar (gold, of course) for Trump Tower whiskey sours - the crowd favorite, according to a bartender in a red “Unfit to Serve” T-shirt - and Mexican Wall margaritas. Then it’s off to admire the furnishings - the bookshelf where a Hitler biography leans against American Politics for Dummies; framed photos of POTUS with daughter Ivanka on his lap; Russian dolls bearing Putin’s image.

The best seat in the house is behind the imitation Resolute desk, where a British immigration lawyer is holding court and using a fake printout of Donald Trump, Jr.’s incriminating emails as a makeshift coaster for her rum and ginger Combover cocktail.

She and her friends have come to thumb their nose at #45 and maybe do some good. In a show of activism, the bar donates 50 pence (about 75 cents U.S.) from every purchase to one of four charities, each handpicked for its defense of a cause maligned by the current administration, be it abortion services, LBGTQ rights or anti-Islamophobia.

“He’s so preposterous that you feel like you can do something preposterous like this,” one woman notes, gesturing towards the American flag and Miss Universe imagery around her. “You just have to take the mick out of him.”

Another friend, an American expat and former Hillary Clinton campaign worker whose iPhone case reads “Lock Him Up,” agrees that the rules of resistence have changed. The recent rallies in Charlotteville and Trump’s failure to condemn white nationalists could make a tongue-in-cheek place like Twumps (or an SNL monologue) feel flippant, he acknowledges. And still, it feels like an act of protest, however small or frivolous, to just be here.

With that, they lean in for a toast.

“To impeaching Trump.”

“To impeaching Trump.”

“To impeaching Trump.”

Twumps, Rich Mix Cinema, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA;; open now until Saturday, August 19