The Hollywood depiction of the EDM DJ scene that has the entire music community talking about hits theaters today, starring Zac Efron (and uh, our girl Emily Ratajkowski.) Whether or not you want to go and see We Are Your Friends, the soundtrack in it is pretty undeniable.

Exclusive to, here’s the incredibly impressive lyric video for “BlackOut” produced by The Americanos and featuring party kings Lil Jon, Juicy J and Tyga. One of the lead singles from the soundtrack, the lyric video features select scenes from We Are Your Friends. Get ready to want to do shots, scream “YEAH!” and find the nearest party.

Production on the record was handled by The Americanos, a new production upstart created by Power 106’s DJ Felli Fel comprised of Felli, Lex Larson & Louie Rubio. The most entertaining part about this whole video though? Easily watching caricatures of each artist bobbing along to the music in the corner of the video.

Okay yes, I know you’re all here for shots of Emily Ratajkowski though.

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