Conor McGregor hypes a big game and delivers even bigger. Seriously, the 27-year-old Irishman talks trash with the speed of an upstart and the confidence of a legend, and then—last night, for example—he showed up to UFC 194 and KO’d José Aldo in only 13 seconds.

For reference of this moment’s wild beauty, Aldo had been undefeated for 10 years leading up to the fight and this match came and went is less than half the time it took Ronda Rousey wreck house at UFC 190.

To McGregor, Aldo’s humbling is practically a favor for the former champion who may have gotten too used to winning.

MCGREGOR: “[Aldo] felt the pressure like he never felt before. That’s because he was facing me. But what happens is, when they show up and face me, and they man up and do it, they become reenergized.”

It makes sense, given that Aldo’s already talking the future.

ALDO: “I think I need a rematch, since it really was not a fight. I think we need to get back in here. [McGregor’s trash talk] didn’t affect me at all. We’ll have to come back in here and it’s onto the next at this point.”

If there is a rematch, maybe Brazilian fallen champ wrath vs. Irish godsent brawler fury will result in the longest and most beautifully exhausting example of the sport’s glory—or maybe McGregor will cut his time to 3 seconds.