Tomorrow night in Las Vegas, Conor McGregor will fight Nate Diaz in UFC 196, so naturally the two nearly brawled at the usual pre-match faceoff on Thursday evening. McGregor, who moved from featherweight to welterweight with a 25-pound gain, has an infamous way with words, so insults piled up amid several interviews via satellite.

McGregor’s sly biting prose came out best in his side of an interview with CNBC’s Jane Wells, where he asked the reporter to send him a picture of herself, claimed Diaz owes McGregor any money above the $40,000 mark (the amount Diaz took home in his last fight), and finally, when Wells inquired about McGregor’s net worth, he responded, “There’s people buried in the desert for less than that. You must think I trust you with these kind of things. How much are you worth?“

Saturday night’s going to be wild.