The Mirror alerts us to a phenomenal new development in the world of late-night eatery. It combines the signature sandwich of McDonald’s (the Big Mac) with the greasy decadence of doner-kebab in deep-fried matrimony.

The Mirror

The Mirror

“Doner” isn’t all that popular word here in the states, you might know it better as “gyro,” or “gyro meat.” Compressed, fatty cuts of chicken and beef or whatever, slowly spit-roasted until golden delicious. We’re all familiar with the Big Mac, and if you don’t know what deep-fried things taste like, we ought to revoke your America card.

The MIrror spoke with the owner of the shop that’s selling this artery-clogging behemoth:

John Clarkson is the man behind the MacDoner, a deep-fried ‘treat’. The 2,000 calorie take-home meal consists of a burger and relish encased in doner kebab meat - and it’s all fried in chip shop batter in a deep-fat fryer.

He said: “Faced with the difficult choice of picking a burger or doner kebab for one’s guilty pleasure, I decided to create the ultimate fast food treat and put the two together.

"Ultimate” is certainly the word for it, as it contains about three times the recommended daily allotment for sodium, and at 2,000 calories is probably something you should only eat never.

We’re a big fan of the recent influx of English foods that combine one unhealthy food with another, and hope this is a sign that our cousins across the pond will continue to follow in America’s shining example of actively exploding our waistlines.