America’s current political landscape is pretty embarrassing, but at least we don’t have wrestling matches breaking out at the Capitol building (at least not yet).

The same can’t be said in Ukraine. Yesterday, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk was picked up and carried away from his podium by a rival politician on the floor of the Ukrainian Parliment, resulting in a brawl.

According to Newsweek:

The fight appeared to begin as member of parliament Oleg Barna from President Poroshenko’s BPP party tried to forcibly remove Yatsenyuk from behind the podium, news channel RBC Ukraine reports. Barna walked up to the podium with a bouquet of flowers, set them in front of the Prime Minister and grabbed him. Live footage from the Rada then shows other parliamentarians going after Barna, pulling the MP away from the Prime Minister as a fight ensues. Among those throwing punches was the Minister of Energy, Vladimir Demchishin.

To make matters worse for many Ukrainians (at least in the West), the video of the incident that’s going viral was provided by (a.k.a. Russia Today), so it’s basically making money for Putin.

At any rate, if you’re watching this video while riding public transportation, don’t laugh too loudly…

(Source: Newsweek, H/T: Gawker)