You can’t get the nickname “Queen Bey” without becoming a dominant force in pop culture. So any time Beyoncé is in the news, people are going to take notice. Unfortunately that news is not always good. About 200 un-retouched photos of the pop diva were released on a fan site called The Beyoncé World. They’re apparently outtakes from Beyonce’s L'Oréal ad campaign, which explains why it’s all close-up pictures.

While the images were taken off the fan site, they already made the rounds on the Internet with a handful of sites posting them. The circulation of the photos, and the revelation that Beyoncé is not a goddess with perfect skin, caused outrage from her fans around the world, who call themselves the “BeyHive.”

In fact some of the rhetoric got quite nasty, which is why Beyonce World decided to pull the photos down. Here are a couple of tweets Jezebel captured of the BeyHive’s wrath

The photos don’t even look bad. Like every person, a zoomed-in photo exposes all the little things about a face that people don’t notice from far away.

There has been some speculation that they were released on purpose.

Alas, if they were leaked, Beyoncé can console herself with her millions of dollars she’s made off her gorgeous looks. Or she could manufacture the release of un-retouched photos of Kim Kardashian. Just a suggestion.