It’s hard to believe that the Uncharted series has been going on for 10 years, and all that time, voice actor Nolan North has inhabited the digital skin of its protagonist and star, Nathan Drake.

With Uncharted 4: Thief’s End finally hitting stores today, Drake’s five-game story (one was on the Playstation Vita handheld) of lost cities and ridiculous adventures and climbing just about everything he comes across is finally drawn to a conclusion. It’s a bittersweet end for North in the interview above with Uncharted 4 costar Troy Baker—unlike other video game acting jobs, North was Drake, providing motion capture for his body and facial movements, his voice, and his personality. And while North is extremely prolific in games (he’s lent his voice to tons of projects in all kinds of capacities, from The Last of Us to Call of Duty to Star Wars: The Old Republic and about a billion others in between), this is the series for which most people know him.

It’s also kind of cool that Baker, on the other hand, is a longtime Uncharted fan but has never acted in the series before now. He joins the final game as Drake’s long lost brother, Sam. There’s a lot of emotional character-building between them.

The thing that makes Uncharted unique among games is also the real reason most people like the series: it’s the characters and the actors that bring them to life. For many players, Nolan North has become a household name because of his work on the series, and it’s a bit sad to see Nate Drake go.

Then again, if Uncharted 4 does super well, it seems perfectly reasonable that Drake might show up again in future installments. The games industry loves sequels, after all, even if the developers right now are saying they’re done.