Indie game Undertale has inspired a huge number of fans with some novel gameplay: it’s full of interesting characters and lots of humor, and it’s possible to work through all its dungeons and battles without killing a single monster.

One fan enjoyed the game so much, she wanted to adapt one of its boss fights into an animated short. But she had no experience with animation, and no software or other tools to make it easier. So she just did the whole thing, frame by frame, by hand—and it’s kind of amazing.

Artist WalkingMelonsAAA posted the animation on her DeviantArt page, depicting the battle of boss Mettaton against Undertale player character Frink. It’s an intense, dodge-heavy dance fight, and that’s just the start of the movie.

WalkingMelonsAAA drew every frame, all 741 of them, and used a video editing program to cut together shots of each to make the full movie. Even without any fancy animation flourishes, the video is pretty phenomenal.

Check out the rest of WalkingMelonsAAA’s work on her DeviantArt page.

Via Kotaku.