For those of us with loose morals, Reddit has provided us with pages of “life hacks” that are admittedly pretty smart, but may not be the most honest. We are in no way condoning these…but here are 11 of our favorites.

1. Alexis_

Put on your best suit, show up at funeral homes and act like you knew the deceased. Have free cake.

2. salzocow

Have affairs with Realtors. They have keys to empty houses all over town.

3. ThriceOnSundays

Try to tell a few lies, but do it really poorly. Confess to being a terrible liar. Do this periodically for things that don’t matter. Actual lies go undetected.

4. WittyNameStand-in

Nobody is going to question your presence at a hotel’s continental breakfast as long as you look ok. Confidence is everything.

5. Aiken_Drumn

Cram a piece of wadded-up paper towel in the change return of a vending machine, as high up as you can get it without losing it entirely. Once a day, come back and give it a little tap to send all the change it has collected tumbling to the bottom and into your hands.

6. Nathanthegreythan

Need flowers for your significant other? Cemeteries have you covered.

7. Randomonius

Have a crack in your windshield?? Find a city truck and call the number on the back saying the truck flung rocks at you and cracked your window. They’ll confirm the truck was where you said it was and, bam. New window FREE!

8. dierebelscum

Avoid paying tax by starting your own religion.

9. TommyFoolery

Stayed in a hotel with a buddy for work about a year ago. We checked out in the morning, then after work he realized he forgot his charger. He was worried it was too late. Dude at the front desk flat out said “Just take one. If you ever need an extra, just stop by the closest hotel.”

10. WhatWayIsWhich

Poke holes in a condom to get married.

11. ILaughAtFunnyShit

Buy a $10 visa gift card, spend the money, then use the card for anything that doesn’t require immediate authorization. Some bars don’t require immediate authorization to start a tab, you just need to give them a card. Then instead of closing your tab just walk out at the end of the night.