Most of the things you do when you’re drunk turn out to be quite regrettable. You usually don’t wake up from a night of raging and think, “Wow, so glad I did that! I made some wonderful decisions!” But did you know you can get so drunk, you end up unintentionally pulling off some very impressive yoga poses? Granted, you’re completely unconscious when you’re doing them, but nonetheless, look at you go! Here are the greatest examples of drunk people unintentionally doing yoga that you’ll ever see.

1. Keeping your drink from spilling should be worth so many extra points

2. Is that a cage behind him? It may be time to make some changes in your life, bro

3. I’m deducting 10 points for use of the rail and 1,000 points for those jeans

4. Actually she might be dead. Is this a crime scene?

5. First cut back on drinking, then maybe consider going up a size in jeans because those are way too tight

6. I have no idea how you accidentally end up in that position, but she is going to have the Charley horse from hell in the morning

7. There are a lot of questions raised by this photo, but the size of that bed combined with what appears to be frosted tips answers most of them

8. Honestly, both of them look like they’re getting ready to puke

9. If he was puking in the urinal, that’s just mean to the guy that has to clean it. If not, he passed out while standing way too far away from the urinal. Either way, I have a lot of questions

10. No one has ever been more thankful to have one of those stupid baskets on the front of their bicycle before

11. I get how one shoe might come off, but how is one foot bare and the other one has a shoe and a sock on it? Life is truly full of mysteries

12. I blame this 50% of alcoholism and 50% on terrible plumbing

13. The only way you should end up in a pose like this is if you’re an extra on The Walking Dead

14. It’s far less impressive when you have a spotter. The most troubling part of the whole picture is those shorts he’s wearing

15. When your drunk friends have enough time to line your body in bottles before you even budge, you probably need to get a breathalyzer put in your car, or get really familiar with Uber drivers

16. That’s the “I’m never drinking again in my entire life” pose. We’ve all been there, sister

17. Come on guy, your hands are totally out of position. There’s no way you’re going to strengthen your core that way

18. When you’re drunk to the point of saying, “I’ll just lie down in these flowers for a few minutes and then be on my way,” it’s time to be cut off

19. I’m going to hope and pray that she was just getting something out of the car and not actually driving

20. One of the most important rules of drinking is always have a sturdy chair. When will you learn?

Rob is a writer and comedian based in Louisville, KY. Follow @robfee on Twitter.