When it was first announced, Universal’s plan to build a Marvel-esque shared cinematic universe out of its monster properties seemed just a little desperate — especially considering that the first movie was as known for a trailer with bad sound as anything else. But with new casting choices emerging, it’s beginning to look like the studio is building something we’d want to see at the multiplex, after all.

Dwayne Johnson is Universal’s dream choice for the Wolfman, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And that’s not all; it’s also rumored to be looking to Angelina Jolie to take the eponymous lead in Bride of Frankenstein, as well. (That latter movie will be directed by (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and Beauty and the Beast’s Bill Condon, giving you an idea of what to expect.)

As THR notes, those stars wouldn’t come cheap, but the same could be said of the rest of the leads from the Dark Universe movies announced so far: Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe and Johnny Depp are all the type of hyper A-listers that would be the most expensive part of any normal movie franchise. (Javier Bardem, who’ll appear in Frankenstein’s Monster, slightly less so, through no fault of his own.)

Clearly, the intent is to reinvigorate the somewhat creaky properties with an infusion of star power. If that seemed like an unconvincing idea before — any excitement surrounding Depp’s The Invisible Man came from what accent he’ll try to pull off — the potential addition of Jolie and Johnson is beginning to make it seem more like inspired lunacy… especially if there’s plans to cross over all of the characters into one movie, Avengers-style at some point.

As if the prospect of seeing The Rock get all hairy and feral wasn’t exciting (and campy) enough on its own, just imagine seeing him howling at the sight of Jolie’s constructed femme fatale Bride, with both Depp and Bardem on hand to offer droll commentary. Creepy, kooky and altogether surreal, the idea of watching all of these actors get their Halloween cosplay on at the same time might just be crazy enough to work. Could it be that Universal has tapped into the method to bring some life back to these characters after all?

The Mummy, the first movie in the newly resurrected franchise, will be released June 9.