The Delta Gamma chapter at the University of Miami must have the budget the size of a damn Taylor Swift music video. Already known for putting out insane recruitment videos every year, they pretty much threw down the gauntlet with their 2016 video.

Not only did they have a professional camera crew follow them around while they casually partied on two separate boats and nearly every damn body of water in Miami, they enlisted The Voice contestant Joselyn Rivera to submit an original song for the video. I’m sorry, what?

I normally wouldn’t be wooed over by a recruitment video, considering I went to Miami University of Ohio (AKA mother of fraternities/the better Miami school) and lived with all sorority girls, but this goes above and beyond any Greek shit I was inundated with.

Last thing: why do girls feel the need to post pictures of themselves holding a pineapple while doing that antiquated semi-laugh pose? Please, stop.

Via Miami New Times

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