Photo Courtesy of Flickr / [Or Hiltch](

Photo Courtesy of Flickr / Or Hiltch

Millennials, man. They get to “study” the craziest stuff in college these days, like “the anthropology of magic” and “winemaking”.

Now you can add pizza to that list of cool classes—only it’s not just a single course, it’s an entire degree. Seriously. Thanks to the good folks over at Manchester Metropolitan University, you can earn a diploma in the world’s favorite flatbread, studying everything from food production to financial analysis. It’s a partnership with the school and everyone’s favorite mediocre pizza franchise, Pizza Hut.

The program will offer 1,500 apprenticeships taking place over the next five years, with some students being trained within Pizza Hut itself. The franchise and the university aim to combine academic with practical know-how to “equip [candidates] with skills for life, not just for working in a restaurant.”

No word yet on the particulars of the curriculum, but we hope professors will entertain rigorous debates about the merits of deep-dish pizza.

H/t Munchies