When Donald Trump kicked off his presidential bid in what will easily go down as one of the most arrogant starts to…well, anything, the man who would be president basically called Mexico a factory of drug traffickers and rapists. The Latino population didn’t care for that, which didn’t surprise anyone—except for Trump, who seems to be taking it all as some kind of amusing plot twist. But now Univision says it will cancel its telecast of the Miss USA pageant next month, which ups the ante a bit.

The Spanish-language TV network has announced that it will sever ties with Trump, and that includes anything having to do with Miss Universe and its preliminary pageant, Miss USA—both of which Trump co-owns.

Trump—who these days looks like a hastily assembled “businessman” character in some grade school play—is throwing the world’s loudest temper-tantrum.

First of all, he definitely plans to sue Univision for breach of contract, saying, “They’ll have to pay me a lot of money.”

In addition to that, he’s already published an anchor’s personal phone number, demanded an executive’s resignation, and now he’s banned Univision employees from using his fancy golf course in Miami. He also outright blames the Mexican government for Univision’s actions.

Furthermore, Miss USA hosts Roselyn Sanchez and Cristian de la Fuente have bailed on the pageant in protest of our future president (fingers crossed!) remarks. NBC also distanced itself from its most notable hairpiece in a public statement.


Should be quite a year for The Donald.