A wise man once said, “You know you’re gonna have to face it; you’re addicted to love.” That wise man may or may not have been singer/songwriter Robert Allen Palmer (it was), but now, thanks to science, the lyric has a much more concrete meaning than it did when it was written. That tingly feeling you experience when you meet the love of your life or unfold one of our centerfolds for the first time is a surge of adrenaline which, when introduced to your system, causes your heart to race and your body to sweat.

Feel like you would skip a thousand lunches to spend just a few waking hours with your new Bunny? That’s because your nervous system is releasing substantial amounts of dopamine, which causes you to feel an increased sense of happiness, into your system as well.

We’re not saying that heartache can be cured by taking up cocaine or cigarettes; we’re just saying that love can be addictive. When we know seeing our girlfriends or grabbing a new copy of Playboy will give us a shot of adrenaline and dopamine, we seek out these positive feelings more and more, thus making us quite literally addicted to love.