We’ve dug up three more wild sex myths to be debunked by our beautiful blonde bombshell Miss April 2005 Courtney Culkin. Don’t let her coy exterior fool you; nothing gets past this babe! Think of her as your very own Sex Mythbuster. Check out past debunked myths like “does penis size matter?” and find out the truth about liquor and your sex drive. *Does Sex Interfere with Athletic Performance? *

Sex has long been thought to decrease physical performance. Some coaches have even been known to ban entire teams from having sex before important games, although recently around 150,000 condoms were handed out to the 10,500 Olympian athletes during the 2012 games. But is there any sound evidence behind this forced chastity? Courtney investigates.Are Men Hornier than Women?

While this myth may seem pretty outdated, there are countless studies and believers out there who are adamant that men are hornier than women. While it is true that men are more likely to experience more orgasms in their lifetime, in all likelihood that comes down to the fact that women are socially conditioned to masturbate less and don’t need to orgasm to get pregnant. *Do Hot Tubs Kill Sperm? *

If you believe this one, well, you’ve probably already had an unplanned pregnancy. Yes, hot tubs temporarily decrease sperm count, which is why doctors recommend steering clear of Jacuzzis if you’re trying to get pregnant, but don’t think for a second it’s a good alternative to a good old-fashioned condom.