Despite what we’ve been told for most of our lives, it seems that smoking and drinking have little to no effect on sperm count. This means that whatever you do to your body in your college years will not thwart the chance of having a mini you sometime in the future, so rest easy after drinking that pitcher of vodka Red Bull! Researchers at the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester compared the lives of 939 men with inferior sperm quality with those who had normal sperm.

Despite the varying lifestyles among the men, the study found that even if you had a 20-cigarette-a-day habit, your sperm wasn’t suffering nearly as much as your lungs. Dr. Andrew Povey from the University of Manchester noted that this new discovery “potentially overturns much of the current advice given to men about how they might improve their fertility and suggests that many common lifestyle risks may not be as important as we previously thought.”

There is, however, some truth in one sperm “myth”: the tighter your underwear, the lower your quality of sperm will become, so break free from those tighty-whities and slip on a pair of boxers for a couple of months if you want to up your chances of conceiving.