Up in Smoke: Beer Goggles

By Vanessa Butler


We’ve all heard the term “beer goggles,” and we may have even fallen victim to its devious ways after one too many at the bar. But what is it exactly? While there have been various studies on beer goggles, this we know: the consumption of alcohol lowers many sexual hang-ups and blows away any restraint you have when picking a sexual partner. In short, people get hotter the more you drink, and if you’re feeling horny you are more likely to wake up with a hangover and a large amount of shame hanging over you.

Playboy TV’s show The Truth About Sex delved into the unfortunate phenomenon by designing an experiment to test men’s ability to detect variations of facial symmetry while under the influence of alcohol. In other words, they got a bunch of guys drunk, then tested their vision. They were showed six women before they started to drink and asked to rate the photos from one to ten, ten meaning they’d want to have sex with the girls and one meaning no chance in hell. After each man had a blood alcohol level of .08, they were shown the same girls, this time altered to have a less symmetrical face. Were their inhibitions lowered once they took a couple of tequila shots? Check out the video below for the answer.

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